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Arke Promotions Simple Computer Care

Arke Promotions Simple Computer Care is about doing maintenance on a regular basis

Most computer users rarely know about  how to look after their computer and cry out for help when problems start, so this is designed for such people

Often people come to me and say that their computer is slow or they get a message 'not enough memory' that is a sure sign that they do not know how to keep their computer in good order or health.

Swainson's Hawk

The first thing I will look at is how full the drive is of big files such as video or games files or music downloads etc etc etc: they soon fill a drive giving it no room to operate. You need a minimum of 15% of your drive free for what is called virtual memory to function. There are three things a person should do to keep their computer in good order. These are to cleanup the drive, defragment the drive  and move off large files not programs to a second drive, be it an internal drive or an external drive. There are two other important things that is to have a good working current anti virus progam  and the second of these is to have a good malware protection program. If all of these things are not only in place but are regularly done then most computers will run well. Problems beyond that may need a techncian to help you. But do not run to a technician over the first 5 things unless doing them does not fix the problems. As I talk about (write) these first five things I will touch on other things that relate to them.

So let me go back to where I started. So somebody comes to me with a computer that is not working correctly, where do I start?

My initial start is to get the login details so that I can do the work, then I ask them what problems they have experienced.

Things might be so bad that the computer does not come on; if it is a Table Top computer that is easier to fix, but if a Laptop it may need to go to those who have the tools to fix it.  
Laptops because of there sealed nature do not usually get certain simple problems where wires get disconnected or leads the same, where I check them to see that they are connected
Switch units can fail and might need replacing. There is the big problem that the power supply might have failed or might be in shutdown mode, so I might have to kickstart it again by removing a certain lead then trying to start it, if it goes, then I replace the lead that I disconected, hopefully then it will start correctly. If not I am looking for motherboard problems, which might need replacing.

But most times it does not need all that I just wrote about.

Information search

So where do I start if all those things are OK?

Well I first  see if the computer boots, or if that is not working I try what is called Safe Mode (there are various options in it to choose from) but  simply doing it might be enough to sart correctly next time.
Now that too little memory needs fixing by running  cleanup first to get rid of  uneeded files in the system. Better still is to have a second drive as well to move video. music and picture files to.
There will be a problem if any of your programs use them as they will need to be pointed to where to find them. I also look for dead files or orphan files that I can get rid of, the purpose being to get about 20% of the drive free or more, the more the better.
It is not always possible to add more RAM  it depends what the limit is to the system (operating system) being used, and it still will not fix virtual memory issues.
Then I must also see that I am keeping things as they were in running programs etc so that the owner does not face problems running it afterwards.
So after all that I defragment the drive so that files are easier and quicker for the computer to find, this should be done every week.

You will see as I work on this project that I will put links into what I have written. What is a link you might ask
? Well all the items in the side menu and the above menu are actually links to another page or website like the link to my original  website

You will see that I have covered the three most important things to do to keep your computer  in good working order, I have touched on other issues as well.

World Map

So now I will  say get a

Free Antivirus Download

good anti virus program such as
that above which I find by far the best
Then to do better upgrade to the full paid system
and do much better.

On top of that I use Spy Hunter to deal with what is called malware
Malware can cause more problems than viruses.

There are simple thiongs to do to keep your computer running well  and there are far more complex ones